About Me


I am a street/social documentary photographer, content creator, storyteller from Istanbul born and bred. Documenting life as it is and showing it to the humanity was always my purpose and realised that photography was the best medium for me to tell my stories. Been worked several genres of photography ranging landscape photography to interior architectural photography to portraiture. After all, decided to stick on my favourite genre; Social Documentary Photography. Been out in the streets for over 5 years, trying to document everyday life, capturing the "moment" and creating awareness towards differences. 


As a self taught photographer, found the solution for improvement by integrating photography in my daily life. So the images that I am taking are the moments that took my attention.  None of them are staged nor fiction which might be a result of my obsession of documenting reality. 

Living in Istanbul shaped my photography in a different way. The chaos that it presents always attracted me and made me find the beauty inside the beast! I always look for the contrast that is formed by the social, economic an ethnic diversity.


My inspirations

Alex Webb,  Mary Ellen Mark, Jeol Meyerowitz, Jeff Mermelstein, Nikos Ekonomupolos, Elliot Erwit, Martin Parr, Matt Stuart, Garry Winogrand, Rebeca Lepkoff and James Nachtway. 



I own a wide range of cameras including both film and digital with different formats.  I like experimenting different formats, however, usually stick with 28mm or 35mm equivalent lenses. As an everyday camera I use a Ricoh GR with a 28mm fixed lens and Fujifilm X-Pro1 with a 35mm equivalent lens as my workhorse. I am loving the overall experience of X-Pro1 as a camera but appreciate the size of Ricoh GR as an everyday tool. Apart from my digital equipment, my favourite camera is my Canon Canonet QL with AGFA Vista film. My dream is to own a Leica rangefinder in the future. 

Me on media!

Left side you can see me showing Spyros Papaspyropoulos Istanbul. It was a streethunters.net video sponsored by Cosyspeed.



My architectural work published on bi-ozet.com. I took shots of a renovated apartment in Galata. 

My Here Belongs to Me mission winning photograph, also published in EyeEm blog and EyeEm Magazine Vol IV alongside with Petapixel and  Reopan


EyeEm Awards 2015 Finalist

Here Belongs to Me Mission - EyeEm & DRAGO - 2016 - Winner

RePicture Giving - Getty Images & EyeEm - 2015 - Winner

Social Media

Instagram: @cknvisual

EyeEm: @CKNVisual

Website: cknvisual